19/01/2011 15:00:00

Pivotal Group Announces the Acquisition of Global Capacity

Pivotal Group today announced the acquisition of $65 million of Global

Capacity’s convertible debentures and debtor-in-possession financing.

Pivotal Group is now working with Global Capacity in finalizing its plan

to emerge from bankruptcy in the most efficient time frame possible.

Global Capacity is a telecommunications information and logistics

company that enables customers to improve the efficiency and reduce the

cost of their global networks through optimization and outsourcing.

Global Capacity leverages a unique collection of global telecom supply

and pricing data along with proprietary systems and processes to

automate the network lifecycle and optimize network capacity and cost.

Francis Najafi, CEO of Pivotal Group, stated, “We are truly excited for

the opportunity to rationalize the capital structure of this unique

enterprise platform. We believe that this acquisition will allow us to

benefit from the explosion in demand for global fiber and content

distribution. This is the first of many steps we aim to take to fulfill

our strategic vision for Global Capacity.”

Jerry Pence, Managing Director of Pivotal Group’s private equity

division offered his views, “It is exciting for us to acquire Global

Capacity and continue building our private equity portfolio at the

Pivotal Group. Global Capacity fits squarely within our mandate to buy

globally oriented companies with significant strategic potential.”

“The global telecommunications market remains highly inefficient and

costly for enterprises to manage themselves. Global Capacity’s design,

pricing, provisioning, and managing of off-net extension services are

unique in the market, enabling lower cost, highly efficient network

access solutions for both global telecommunications companies and

Fortune 1000 enterprises,” says Melker Sandberg, Managing Director in

FTI Consulting’s Communications, Media, and Entertainment practice. FTI

Consulting supported Pivotal Group by providing vital market

intelligence and diligence assistance as part of the transaction.

Patrick Shutt, CEO of Global Capacity added, “Global Capacity is excited

to be working with Pivotal Group to reposition the company. We look

forward to partnering with Pivotal in finalizing the plan for the

company’s emergence from bankruptcy. We are extremely fortunate to have

strong, long-term relationships with our key customers and we look

forward to serving them better than ever before.”

For more information on Pivotal Group or Global Capacity please visit www.pivotalgroup.com

and www.globalcapacity.com,


About Pivotal Group

Pivotal Group is a leading investment company headquartered in Phoenix,

Arizona, with primary concentration on private equity and real estate.

Its focus is centered on the implementation of its business strategy in

conjunction with a comprehensive understanding of capital market


About Global Capacity

Global Capacity is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices and

operational centers in the United States and European Union. Global

Capacity is a telecom information and logistics company that leverages a

unique collection of global telecom supply and pricing data to enable

transparency and automation in the global access network market. The

Company provides network, software and optimization solutions that

enable increased efficiency and reduced cost of access networks for

integrators, telecommunications companies, and enterprise customers.

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