Technical requirements for advertising material

1. Description of click Remove

This guide explains how to implement clickTag variable in your flash files. The reason for why this is necessary is to allow us to count clicks on flash banners. Most flash files are made ‚Äč‚Äčlike any other flash file, the only difference is how clicks are handled.

Accordingly, we request that the following requirements are met:

  • The possibility to use clickTag in the URL
  • URL Box is set to "expression"
  • "target" is set to something appropriate (in most cases "_blank" is the best choice) 

Furthermore, it is a good to make sure that the filename only consists of lowercase letters, and no spaces.


Below are Flash examples: 

Figure 1 Flash 4 with clickTag



Figure 2 Flash 5 with clickTag



Figure 3 Flash MX with clickTag



2. Description of FSCommand: click

Here you can see some examples of what to write in your flash banner to implement FSCommand: click.


Normal Button - This is our favorite:



Normal button with internal link

- Remember to escape http address as shown:



Advanced button with an internal link and dimensions on the link window

- Remember to escape http address as shown:




Close button (For DHTML / Floating ad):


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