24/10/2008 17:50:00

Trulite Awarded Naval Development Contract for High Energy Density Hydrogen Generation System

Trulite, Inc., developer and manufacturer of portable and semi-portable

hybrid power generators, announced today that the company has been

awarded a $531,000 naval development contract to develop a high energy

density hydrogen generation system that can provide up to five hundred

watts of power in a compact, portable unit.

Trulite has been awarded this contract to develop a system for the Navy

that allows for substantial power capacity in a small package, with

hydrogen storage capabilities greater than two thousand watt-hours per


This development program has the potential to

provide a significant energy density increase in hydrogen fueling

solutions for both military and commercial portable power products. This

type of system will allow military personnel to be more mobile and more

capable on the battlefield. Investment in the development of

technologies such as these provides a front line advantage and is vital

to the success of our nations military,

said Ken Pearson, COO of Trulite.

The focus of the development will be for power needs that span across a

wide set of military applications including: small vehicles, autonomous

robots, remote telecommunications, backup power, battery chargers,

medical evacuations, mobile command, and numerous others.

Trulite has proven itself as a leader in

solid hydrogen storage from its deployment of commercial PEM fuel cells

utilizing solid sodium borohydride hydrogen generation technology,

said Ron Seftick, president of Trulite. This

expertise makes Trulite uniquely equipped to design and develop this

type of product.

In addition, Trulite will leverage the chemical proficiency of

BoroScience International, Inc. in this project. BoroScience specializes

in the formulation of raw chemical hydride compounds and will be

developing a proprietary compound as the core ingredient in the new high

energy density hydrogen generation system.

About Trulite, Inc.

Trulite is engaged in developing and providing portable and

semi-portable hybrid power generators using fuel cells and hydrogen

generation as the core technology to markets that have applications for

clean, reliable off-grid power.

Trulite recently announced plans for the development of a pilot

manufacturing facility for its Hydrocell high

energy density fuel cell cartridges, which are the fuel source for

Trulites KH4 250

watt portable power generator. For more information, please visit www.trulitetech.com.

Trulite, Inc.

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